Premium looking, yet cost-effective customised 2D/3D virtual sets and Broadcast graphics

About Us is owned and operated by April Broadcast Pvt. Ltd., a company that provides high-end, integrated and interactive graphics for Broadcast, Education, Defense and Security.

Our team has an extremely strong track record, having built and sold world-class, award-winning Virtual Studio solutions for Broadcast Television, Cable and Education.

One of the biggest limiting factors in the widespread success of Computer-based virtual studio solutions is the availability of a wide variety of green screen backgrounds for  “Virtual sets” – which can be used from within their various Virtual Studio solutions.

Users often need to ‘build’ these sets themselves or get the sets custom-built by creative design houses or ….turn to the Internet for getting green screen backgrounds.

The first two options are not very cost-effective in the long run – and a majority of “sets” available on the Internet are often in 2D – just simple chromakey green screen backgrounds.

Serious users need green screen backgrounds that are 3D to create realistic looking virtual studio sets – which offer better visualization and result in superior production value. is attempting to fulfill that need – in the most cost-effective manner.

On our site, users will find a variety of green screen backgrounds to use as 3D virtual studio sets (and a few 2D sets as well) for a range of program needs – Entertainment Shows, Education, Kids Shows, Talk Shows, Weather, Sports, News, Agriculture, etc.

Our designers are adept at, and use, a wide range of industry-standard graphics software packages from Adobe, Autodesk and Corel, best suited for 2D/3D creation, modeling, animation, texturing, image processing, rendering, editing, movie-clip creation, etc.

If you have a specific green screen background and do not find that here, please do let us know and we will include that in future. Click here for your feedback.