Premium looking, yet cost-effective customised 2D/3D virtual sets and Broadcast graphics

How it works

2D Sets

These are layered photoshop document (.psd) files with alpha channels for the virtual green screens, backgrounds and foreground objects like virtual tables. They give you the ability to put your own videos and graphics images into the virtual green screens and backgrounds. You can edit set element’s position, logos, scene colors and background images.

The individual layers can be saved in any image format (example jpg, png, tga) as per your platform requirement. These green screen background sets are available in Standard Definition (720*576 ) and High Definition (1920*1080) resolutions..

3D Sets

We provide compressed archive file which contains the 3D model (.3dsmax) plus all bitmaps used for the scene. This file will open in 3DS Max 2013 version. Please note that lighting and render setup has been done using Vray 2.0. You can edit this content as per your requirement for use with non-linear editors, compositors, switchers and other platforms.

On request we can also provide textured baked .max file useful for high end real-time virtual set systems. These files can be converted as per the required format using .max proprietary platform converter to reproduce the set imagery in real-time on dedicated hardware.

In case you require a custom-built set, please CLICK HERE

NewTek TriCasterTM Sets

These green screen background sets are specially suited for users of NewTek’s TriCasterTM multi-camera production system. The virtual studio sets consist of industry-standard Adobe Photoshop .psd files with specially identified layers, to give TriCasterTM users much greater control to modify and edit various aspects of these green screen backgrounds.

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